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Signature Web Services will build and host your ministry website based on your ability pay. Need and ability to pay is established at project inception.


Web Building and Hosting

The Video Commentator is a recent software invention by Archie that provides the ability to play an embedded YouTube video and capture chat-like comments. The comments are time stamped and saved for future viewings.

Over a period of time with multiple viewers, all comments are displayed in the order they occurred.

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Video Commentator

Signature Web Services Rates

Signature provides technical services to a wide variety of people and businesses. Its rates are very reasonable and its work is timely and trustworthy. Often the home page of quality websites are built and hosted in a matter of days and the entire site in a few weeks.

All websites are custom works. No two are the same. Canned template driven websites are not used. Each Signature site is unique and built to the character of the site owner.

Commercial Rates:

Home page: $150
Additional pages: $60
Database driven pages: $500
Custom time: $60 / hour

Churches Donation Based

Archie Rhines is an experienced professional builder of dreams with his signature in varied disciplines around the world. He is a degreed physicist by institutional field of study, a licensed deacon by religion, an inventor by patent, a copyrighter by word, a social networkateer by ambition, a geek of all things computer and a passionate follower of Christ by choice. In all of that he is many things to many people.

In the last few years, Archie founded Signature Web Services and has become a place to receive expert computer services at reasonable prices. Custom websites built for ministry are billed based on ability to pay. Services and websites to commercial businesses are competively priced and are of superior quality.

Whatever your needs are.. take the time to connect with Archie.
You will not be disappointed.

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